„Reading literacy” – what is it and how can we further develop it?

The definition of the term “reading literacy” includes two important processes: reading technique and reading comprehension. Although we consider reading accuracy, fluency, and speed to be important for meaningful reading, we must not forget that reading literacy covers several areas, including spoken/reading comprehension, developing a relationship with reading, reading habits, and motivation to read for […]

How do multilingual children acquire and learn a new language?

Do you know how speech development begins? How do children learn to speak? What is actually a definition of language? How to support a “second language” in a bilingual child? If you find these questions interesting, keep reading.  What is a definition of language?  An encyclopaedical definition may sound like it is a system of […]

How was 2022 at Flamingos school?

Each beginning of the year brings the habit of reflecting on the previous year. Join us to look back at our Flamingos Year 2022. As you probably already know, our school is not a typical Slovak language school. The teaching of the Slovak language is not focused only on grammar and vocabulary, but also on […]

Why Slovak children living abroad should learn Slovak?

Are you a Slovak parent of a child living abroad or in a multicultural family and struggling with the idea of ​​whether you should teach your child to speak Slovak? Do you have the following questions and doubts on your mind? “Should I start teaching my children Slovak?” “The child has a full program of […]

Why is it important to me that my daughters speak Slovak?

Hi, my name is Zuzka and I am a manager of the Flamingos school. As a child, I had a dream to become a doctor and I pursuit my dream and I received admission to School of Medicine in Prague. However, before starting my school, I travelled to Cyprus and I fell in love not […]

Multilingual child parenting

I was born in Slovakia and after my university studies I decided to travel. After travelling around the Europe, I based myself first in Greece and later in Cyprus, where I live since 2005. The island of Cyprus is known as the birthplace of goddess Aphrodite, I call it “destiny” that my little “Aphrodite” was […]

Message from our school director

I was born in Slovakia but thanks to my parents and my carrier and passion for travelling, I have spent most of my life abroad. I lived and worked in Asia, USA, Europe and Middle East and I also visited many countries as a tourist.  I love diversity and creativity that world offers as well […]