Why is it important to me that my daughters speak Slovak?

Hi, my name is Zuzka and I am a manager of the Flamingos school. As a child, I had a dream to become a doctor and I pursuit my dream and I received admission to School of Medicine in Prague. However, before starting my school, I travelled to Cyprus and I fell in love not only with this beautiful island and with its culture, but I met the love of my life.  My new adventure opened new horizons and I decided to stay here and study economics and I became businesswomen instead. 

New culture, new friends, new habits and new language. I adapted very quickly and easily. I became a mom of two beautiful girls that give me lots of pride and happiness. Today I live longer in Cyprus that I have ever lived in Slovakia, however deep inside I still feel Slovak and I am proud of my roots. 

I do not need to read many psychological books to understand that what we learn and experience as children stays inside our souls for the rest of our lives. My two Slovak – Cypriot sweethearts are my world and life and as every mother, I want only the best for them. So what is the best for my girls?

I would love my girls to grow up as strong and proud daughters of their mom. Children look up to their parents and admire them. My childhood in Slovakia with our culture and traditions built my character. When I talk to my girls in Slovak and share my childhood memories, I automatically transfer to them part of Slovakia and my love for our beautiful country. 

Apart of these sentimental reasons, I believe it is very practical to speak the language of my ancestors. My daughters love to travel to Slovakia and spend summer with their grandparents and cousins, play with their Slovak friends. They can experience another country and its traditions, food and beautiful country. One day they can decide to study at the university in Slovakia or live or work there. Its opens their horizons and opportunities and makes them more global citizens.