Our Teachers

Martin Hoľko

Hi, my name is Martin and I consider myself truly fortunate, as for me, teaching is not only my profession, but also my life‘s mission... Not to mention, great fun!

I enjoy sports, traveling, history, a good sleep and making other people happy! The feeling of sharing my knowledge and experiences with my students is simply priceless.

I began my teaching carrier straight after finishing university and 10 years later, having spent seven years teaching at the gymnasium followed by three years at a primary school, I’m still enjoying it. Funnily enough, as a teacher, what I enjoy the most, are the excursions outside of the classroom and the school; where the learning is a combination of hands-on experience and fun. Having a lesson outside, maybe in a park or a historical part of the town-center, has always had a bit of magic to it. I have also been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work alongside third country nationals, where in addition to various activities we were also devoting time to teaching them the Slovak language.

Currently I am a part of the project that introduces and offers experiential learning (hands-on learning) workshops to various primary schools. I believe experiential and practical learning should be the at the very base of education and in all educational institutions. I believe individual subjects should overlap and complement each other as opposed to being taught in isolation.

Teaching of the Slovak language has, in comparison to other subjects, a great advantage in that it also includes the culture, history, geography, traditions and other whole wealth of information about our beautiful Slovakia.

Lenka Hanusová

Hi, my name is Lenka and I can honestly say that one of the greatest joys in my life is working with small children.

After graduating high school, I made the decision to continue my career in the field of education. Whilst studying biology and physics, I came to the realization that my heart was guiding me into pre-school education and for that reason I decided to start working in a kindergarten. During my 6 years practice, I was able to finish my university studies.

I am one of the lucky teachers for whom working with children is not only interesting, but also totally fulfilling! I feel that working with children is my life’s calling. I believe every child is unique and needs an individual approach. This is reflected in my practice with children; I strive to identify the uniqueness and individuality of each child and create an environment in which they can thrive. During my classes, I like discovering the beauty of the Slovak language through games, songs and poems. I love plays with puppets and dramatizing stories and fairy tales. The best reward for me is knowing my students are looking forward to my classes and seeing happy and contented smiles on their faces.

I look forward to meeting you and your little ones!

Juliana Molnárová

Hi, my name is Juliana. I am a qualified Slovak language teacher. I see my job as a mission to show to children the beauty of our language and our country and guide them through an extraordinary path of education. Working with children is the most interesting and meaningful call for me, in which I not only pass on my knowledge to children, but also expand my own horizons with their unique points of view. I truly enjoy this experience!

After finishing my university studies, I started teaching in a primary school. During my lessons, I try to put into practice the idea of Ján Amos Comenius: "learning by playing". I believe that education should be appealing and attractive for children, therefore I engage my students with games, projects, plays and hands-on activities. My aim is to expose children to Slovak language in a playful way that they are going to enjoy, to keep language-learning fun for them and to make their curiosity brewing. My reward is their smile and progress.

Our Management Team

Marieta Gundová

School Director and Founder

Hi, my name is Marieta and here are few words that describe me: • Global citizen • Passionate Traveler • Business women • Linguist • Life-long learner • Designer • Mother

I was born in Slovakia but thanks to my parents and my carrier and passion for travelling, I have spent most of my life abroad.

Miriam Racekova

School Manager

Hi, my name is Miriam and above all I describe myself as a mother of a multilingual child. I am also a big fun and supporter of our school and as a result of this I spend my free time managing the school administration and coordinating the out-of-school activities, weekend gatherings, as well as our social media platforms and parent – school communication.

Zuzana Nicolaou


Hi, My name is Zuzka. As 18 years old, I was admitted for studies of Medicine in Prague. New adventures brought me to Cyprus and instead of a doctor I became a businesswomen. I also met the love of my life and made this island my second home. However, even though that I live abroad for longer than in Slovakia, I am Slovak in my heart and I teach my children to feel the same!

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