Christmas at the UN camp

For the first time in the history, Slovak children and their parents living in Cyprus had the opportunity to meet Slovak UNFICYP peacekeeper forces in their camp Stefanik in Famagusta.

The children were excited to decorate the Christmas tree and present their work to the soldiers in the UNFICYP camp. The Christmas atmosphere was full by children’s performances – poems, songs and dances. They had prepared their own hand-made Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree several weeks in advance with the desire to give the soldiers a feeling of home atmosphere. At the end of the day we had also visit od Santa – Mikuláš with some small gifts to our little flamingos.

A BIG THANK YOU to the soldiers of the Slovak UNFICYP peacekeeping forces for their friendliness and willingness to open the gates of their world for our children and the opportunity to see their mission and life on the base.