School Fees

School fees are in Euro and include the cost of books, school aids and homework material

School Fees 2017/2018
Age First Child Second or More Child


5 - 6

10 Monthly Instalments  of 25.00

Total Annual Fee 250.00

10 Monthly Instalments of 23.00

Total Annual Fee 230.00

2 Half-year Instalments of 123.00

Total Annual Fee 245.00

2 Half-year of Instalments of 112.00

Total Annual Fee 224.00

Annual Fee 240.00 Annual Fee 218.00

Primary & Secondary School

7 - 15

10 Monthly Instalments  of 50.00

Total Annual Fee 500.00

10 Monthly Instalments of 45.00

Total Annual Fee 45.00

2 Half-year Instalments of 244.00

Total Annual Fee 488.00

2 Half-year of Instalments of 220.00

Total Annual Fee 440.00

Annual Fee 475.00 Annual Fee 428.00

Terms of payment:

School fees are payable in full prior commencement of the school year but latest on the first day of the new payment period, depending on the frequency of payment selected by parent prior school commencement.

Parents will receive an invoice or payment receipt based on the payment made into school’s bank account.

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