Marieta Gundova

Attorney of Foundation’s Board of Directors

Marieta studied International Business at the Faculty of Business School of Economics in Bratislava and continued with a post graduate Business Studies in CEAC in Barcelona. Marieta has extensive experience in corporate leadership, finance and consulting in major multinational companies in a variety of industries in both the USA and Europe.

Marieta is currently Vice President of the Cyprus Slovak Business Association and is also a member of the Executive Committee and Chief Officer for Strategy and Operations in CPM and CPF in Cyprus.

In her free time, Marieta enjoys spending time with her family, and travelling to various parts of the world. In addition she enjoys golf, cycling and swimming.

Miriam Racekova


During and after her studies at the Economic University of Bratislava; Miriam started her professional career as a Customer service representative for travel agencies, working mainly on Greek islands – that is how her love for Greece and Greek culture began. After completing the English language college studies in London, she moved to Cyprus in 2005. The island soon became her destiny destination and second home. Professionally she has held positions in the fields of sales and marketing, events management, guests’ relations and customer service within travel and hospitality industry. In 2011, she became a happy mummy and started her active interest and search in a variety of parenting methods, alternative educational styles and activities. Miriam enjoys spending her free time with her daughter - whether it's a walk, trips, beach time, socializing with friends, or relaxing at home. She likes travelling and reading. In addition, she loves swimming and yoga.

Flamingos School

Slovak School in Cyprus